Opening Of The Jansenville Hunting Season

Date: 23rd March 2012

The annual provisional opening of the hunting season in Jansenville will be the first Friday of July 2012.

The Opening of the Hunting Season is an annual event in Jansenville. The area between the Angora Lodge and the Town Hall (Jansenville Plain) is used to accommodate stalls, a beer tent and a stage for artists to perform.

Numerous stalls where you can buy mohair products, hunting equipment and clothing, food stalls selling selling foods from afval to koeksisters. Other stalls include the Cango Winery, Graaff Reinet taxidermy, Distell Liquors as well as some others.

A hunting competition is held where hunters can win great prices. From the lightest to the heaviest koedoe and the shortest to the tallest horns. Prices are also awarded to the groups and individuals with the best party spirit.

The profits of the Opening of the Season go towards a local charity.

The Opening of the Season offers great atmosphere and lots of fun. Come and join us this year!


opening of the jansenville hunting season

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