Huis Welverdiend

huis_welverdiend_2.jpgThe old age home accommodates, at present, thirty- eight pensioners with each having their own individual room. Meals, for those who are mobile, are catered for in the dinning room (above).

The home is a non-profit organization the relies on sponsorship for its existence. The concept for the home was motivated by Pauline van Zyl, the honorary treasurer and project manager.

The old age home is currently rated at one of the best homes in the country.

In addition, a large room adjoining Huis Welverdiend has been converted into a soup-kitchen that prepares and delivers meals three times a week to the "Woonbuurte", for the poor, aged, sick, and needy people with an income of R500 and less. At present they feed over 600 people. It also assists with job creation for the 20 people employed as cooks,and distributors.

The kitchen and delivery vehicle was sponsored by "The National Lotto", and was officially opened in May of 2009.

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huis welverdiend

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